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From reading their materials, it seems that Macpac has an environmental principle based on the old ‘3 R’s’: reduce, reuse, recycle. They state that they attempt to make good technical gear that is designed and built to last a long time: in effect, making gear of substance that will last, rather than short lived outdoor fashion items that will need to be replaced in a few years. I have always been impressed at how well my Macpac gear has lasted, often well out living other items I have purchased at the same time, and so had been hopeful that this company would be a leading light in terms of sustainability.

Having said this, an approach based on making good gear to last should not be an excuse not to work seriously to reduce ecological impact in the equipment that is produced and, to be honest, based on publically available information (ie, their website) it doesn’t seem like they are moving all that fast in this regards.

I have not been able to find information on the companies approach to working conditions.


Sustainability criteria: un-rated due to lack of detailed information on workplace conditions or attempts to reduce impact. Hopefully, there will be extra information available soon.

  • reporting framework: how does the company benchmark what it does/ reports? Does it use one of the international accredited systems

no information available

  • information on resources used recycled materials, use of renewable materials, etc

“Here at Macpac we take our relationship with the environment seriously. We live by these five environmental principles.

1. Quality gear is a positive environmental choice

We reckon having good quality gear that makes it easier for you to get into the natural world is a big step in developing an appreciation for the environment. It’s easier to understand the true value of something by experiencing it.

2. Durability

By making durable products, fewer resources are used over a period of time – they don’t have to be replaced as often as cheaper, inferior ones.

3. Repairs

Why retire a perfectly functional product when all it may need is a new zip or clasp after more than a decade of use? Our after sales service is legendary, and we have repair agents in Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

4. Reduce, re-use, recycle

The throwaway mentality isn’t part of our make-up. We encourage reducing waste first, reusing and then, finally, recycling. For this reason we make durable products that don’t need to be replaced often.

5. Return the favour to nature

We use fossil fuels to conduct our business. As a means of renewing carbon we’ve been planting indigenous trees in our own city since 2001. The local council manages the maintenance programme now, but we’re still out there weeding and planting on a seasonal basis.

  • energy consumption & carbon dioxide emissions

  • distance travelled

For those who have an interest in these types of things, most will recall the decision to shut manufacturing operations in NZ and shift them off shore. Like most of the Australian based brands, Macpac now produce their equipment in Asia, thereby increasing the travel footprint of their product.

  • waste generated
  • water consumption

  • working conditions

There is only limited information available at this point, although clearly the company is looking at ensuring good workplace conditions:

“Anywhere in the world, we insist on systems that ensure workplace conditions meet company standards”.

No details on what the conditions are, or how they are enforced or verified.

Information here.

  • other environmental claims or benefits

Macpac is involved in EBEX®21, which is a New Zealand Landcare Research project that seeks solutions to help organisations reduce their carbon emissions footprint. It identifies ways to offset emissions that cannot be eliminated.

The project they support is “Dry Bush (which) is an indigenous forest in our local Port Hills. We committed volunteer energy, of Macpac staff, family and friends, for planting and maintenance that supported the regeneration of this area.”

  • details on who stocks the item/ where to find it/ where to get further information

Apart from being sold through a range of retailers, Macpac have now opened up their own stores here in Australia. Check here for details.

Heading up Mt Stirling, VIC


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