Pacific Outdoor Equipment

This may be a company to watch …

I haven’t done an assessment as yet, this is merely a promotional blurb from the companies website, will update when I can.

“We are a tight knit team of dedicated folks living in the mountain town of Bozeman, Montana USA.

We’re not an environmental company, but we are innovators that care about the environment. We aren’t a sewing factory but we make great fabric based outdoor gear.

With an eye on the big blue planet, we build innovative gear from welded fabrics for human powered sports and our motivations continue to be drilled down to 4 points on our companies compass: Good gear = Less waste. If it isn’t fun, why do it? Do no harm by basing decisions on a code of integrity and responsibility. And, innovate relentlessly.

This year has seen us expanding the size of our global family which now reaches across 6 continents and we are all looking forward to working with our new partners in the future and sharing in their addiction to the outdoors industry we work in”.

Check here for details on their sleeping mats.

Their gear is distributed in Australia by Sea to Summit. Details here.

on The Bluff, VIC


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