Getting out there

There’s no point having good gear if we don’t get out amongst it …. Whether its walking, climbing, skiing, paddling, mountain biking, surfing… if it’s non motorised travel in a natural place, then it fits in here. Please tell us your stories – and remember, a picture tells a thousand words! Post them below.

Some links I like:

From Australia
back country forum.

Oz BC. Australian backcountry ski site. A damn nice effort – mostly the Snowy Mountains main range, stunning pics and good basic info.

Telemark Phat. The main goal of Telemark Phat is to become a centre for the telemark community in Australia.

Bushwalk Tasmania forum (covers most of Australia).

on Castle Crag, TAS

From overseas:
The Big Wild. A site from Canada that links conservation activism with tales from outdoor  adventures….

The Cleanest Line. Patagonia blog.

The dirtbag diaries.

The Goat, blog of

Sweetgrass Productions. Very awesome images of backcountry skiing and boarding in Hokkaido.

Mount Buller west ridge, VIC


One Response to Getting out there

  1. I really like Bushwalk. Nice list, I am checking out the other sites asap.

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