non plastic water bottles

A growing number of companies are now offering non BPA (or BPA lined) water bottles.  Some examples below.

Information from the distributer:

“ECOtanka bottles are made from stainless steel. The theory is that they are very easy to clean and the internal surface has no pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria. So the bottle stays clean and safe for years of use.
ECOtankas are ultra light and durable, they are not lined with any material and they do not break down or leach in any way. They are completely safe and non-toxic. A 1 year warranty is also offered against faulty manufacturing”.

Environmental credentials

There are no specific environmental credentials beyond the fact that they are BPA free. The green ‘pitch’ is based on the fact that they can be used as a long lasting replacement for throw away drink containers. This potentially means the company is involved in some  minor ‘green washing’ because the advertising slogan, ‘The ecologically friendly stainless steel alternative to plastic!’ implies the product itself is ‘environmentally friendly’ without specifying what that really means.

In addition, the stated environmental benefit is not really relevant for an outdoor person who is looking for a water bottle to take on trips.
They are now widely available in Australia.

Working conditions

No information at present on where they are produced.

360 degrees stainless steel bottles
This is a product range of Sea to Summit:

From the company:
“Lightweight, leak-proof and easy to clean, the BPA Free 360° Stainless Steel Bottle features a wide mouth for easy sipping on the go and to accommodate most ice cubes. Made from durable, high grade 18/8 Stainless Steel with no inner lining, the 360° Bottle is the perfect alternative to plastic and resin-coated aluminium options, which can leave a bad taste in your mouth”.

Environmental credentials:
BPA free.

Working conditions

No information at present on where they are produced.


Klean Kanteen

This company has a range of stainless steel bottles. These include a large mouth stainless steel bottle, which does not contain the chemical BPA. They are only just starting to appear in Australia. Epoxy resins containing BPA are often used to coat the inside of food and beverage cans, as well as aluminum water bottles not made from stainless steel. Klean Kanteen’s main claim to being a sustainable item is through the fact it doesn’t have a BPA liner.

The company website says that “our manufacturing facilities in China, we have inspectors from Klean Kanteen® on the ground every day. They are in communication with factory managers and workers to ensure implementation of quality control, fair labor, and environmental standards and policies. In addition, we require third-party social audits of our manufacturing facilities”.

“Right now, we’re in the process of implementing a Code of Conduct for all manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors, which will define policies and procedures expected of any company that works directly or indirectly with us. The Code of Conduct includes guidelines covering ethical standards, employee rights, fair labor standards, professional management systems, manufacturing excellence, and health and safety of workers, employees and end users”.

Butt Natural in QLD carries a range of non BPA bottles, including Klean Kanteen

SIGG bottles

I hesitate to include SIGG because of controversy about their bottles and BPA in the lining. In 2008, SIGG was being put forward as a safe alternative to bottles containing BPA, but according to postings in various places, ” Sigg bottles actually contained BPA that whole time; now they say they’ve fixed the problem”. It’s not clear to me what the situation really is.

There is more information available here.

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Mount Bogong, from the High Plains, VIC


One Response to non plastic water bottles

  1. Collinc pt says:

    Very informative!!
    In recent times, the world is becoming cognizant about the hazardous effects of plastic bags on the environment.
    Also PLA has been used to line the inside of Paper Cups in place of the oil based lining more commonly used, create Green plastics Cups, Cutlery, Carrier Bags, Food Packaging and even Nappies.

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