Gear repairers in Australia

One of the key ways to reduce environmental impact is to reduce the number of new items we purchase, to fix them where we can, and to buy gear that can actually be recycled at the end of it’s life. While overseas we are seeing climbing rope recycling schemes and a growing percentage of items with recycled content, the simple economy of scale that exists in a small marketplace like Australia makes these types of initiatives difficult to get going.

So in the simplest terms, the best bet is probably to buy good (long lasting) gear, and get it fixed when it starts to wear out.

The following are the listings of gear repairers that I know of here in Australia. Please feel free to add any additions.

Big John’s Retreads

“As Australia’s own fulltime, rockshoe repairer, Big John’s Retreads has been extending the life of rockshoes for over a decade”.

Blackheath NSW 2785

Website here.

Remote Equipment Repairs

Do repairs and alterations on a wide range of rquipment, Australia-wide service.

Third floor, 373 Little Bourke st, Melbourne. (03) 9670 2586


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