Ripple Effect Oceanwear

What I love about this operation is that it generates funds primarily for conservation efforts. The following information comes directly from the company.

About the company

Ripple Effect Oceanwear was born from a love for the ocean, be it surfing, diving, kiting, or sailing. From this love, grew the dream to unite people worldwide in the fight to save these precious ecosystems. Through our unique combination of conservation and fashion we offer you the opportunity to support marine conservation, to establish a connection with the underwater world and to make a difference.


  • information on resources used — recycled materials, use of renewable materials, etc

Ripple Effect Oceanwear (REOW) strives to set new benchmarks in environmental and social responsibility through employing leading sustainable practices including

– 100% organically grown cotton Tee-shirts
– 100% recycled hangtags and packaging
– Avoidance of plastic packaging and materials
– Industry leading direct to garment printing with environmentally responsible inks

REOW has also recently launched a new range of Australian made 100% Recycled greeting cards and postcards.

  • energy consumption & carbon dioxide emissions

REOW has set the goal to be carbon neutral by 2012. As such REOW is currently taking the intial steps and investigating leading industry initatives to acheive this.

  • distance travelled

REOW endevours to use Australian Made products where ever possible to minimise the distance travelled and to help support the Australian industries. All REOW greeting cards, postcards, hangtags and Tee-shirt printing are produced in Australia.

  • waste generated

All REOW products avoid the use of plastic packaging and products to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste generated.

  • water consumption
  • working conditions

All REOW products are manufactured in certified Sweat Shop Free production facilities which ensure ethical and responsible working conditions for all employees. REOW is a volunteer based organisation which is run by a dedicated team of  volunteers.

  • other environmental claims or benefits

All distibutable profits generated from the sale of REOW products support the vital efforts of marine conservation organisations including the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Project AWARE Foundation.

  • details on who stocks the item/ where to find it/ where to get further information

REOW runs a secure online store to reduce our carbon footprint. REOW products are also stocked in a variety of surf, dive and ‘green’ stores. Please see the REOW website for further details on retailers.


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