Treehugger day pack

Treehugger day pack

This recent addition to the North Face range has a strong emphasis on sustainable and recycled materials.

A most unusual feature is that the main body fabric is from a worsted merino wool in a gridded ripstop pattern rather than a synthetic material. According to materials from the company, “the wool has been allowed to retain some of its natural oils to add some degree of weatherproofing”.

Besides the body cloth, there are an impressive list of recycled components, including  the strap webbing, the back panel’s foam and mesh cover which are made from recycled polyester.

Additionally the buckles are of reground production waste and the lash points of reused truck tube rubber. According to the Treehugger website “it sounds like the inner frame stave is likely to be also from recycled aluminium”.

For details on the pack, check here.

For further information on the company and working conditions in their facilities, check here.

You can find a stockist here.


One Response to Treehugger day pack

  1. michael says:

    i tried to obtain this pack for a test over the last year, sadly TNF is solely shipping it inside the US so we here in the EU market are stranded.
    I really don’t know why that is and think it’s a shame that this really neat product has been only produced in a very limited quantity.

    I wonder if you got to test it, or merely re-write published info, thanks.

    [hi Michael, I only used material I found on line, haven’t actually used this particular pack. regards

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