Snowgum have stores across Australia and apart form stocking gear by other companies, have a wide range of their own ‘home brand’ clothing and equipment lines. This information just relates to those items.

According to the company, their ethos is to make good gear that will last a long time – hence reducing the need to be buying new items on a regular basis. “A Snowgum product will last years. We don’t make land-fill ‘trash’ fashion. Our environmental story is that a Snowgum product will provide many years of use and be handed down and on – not end up in land fill after a season”.

“Reduce your impact on the planet by buying one jacket to hand down through your three kids then pass on to your niece or nephew… and have them pass on to their cousins…”

This is an attempt to do a first assessment of how the company is going with regards to working conditions in their production facilities and in reducing their impact

There is no public information that I could find to suggest they are working towards ensuring fair working conditions in the factories that produce their equipment.

On the basis of the available information, Snowgum is certainly not a leader here in Australia when it comes to moving towards sustainable production of outdoor equipment.

CATEGORY: un-rated due to insufficient information

Sustainability criteria

  • information on resources used – recycled materials, use of renewable materials, etc

From the company: “Our brand story is ‘climate control clothing’ – every fabric we use has a performance purpose. We are also always searching for environmentally friendly fabrics that can deliver this performance – bamboo for example which is a sustainable fabric, made from rapid growth plantation bamboo – delivering natural anti-microbial performance in finished fabric. Where practical we’ll also use organic cottons or recycled polyester”.

“But our product story is performance, quality and durability first, environmentally friendly materials second. We think a cotton-coolmax® shirt that wicks, breathes and will last for 5 years of regular use is better over time for the environment than a soy & organic cotton shirt that wears out and ends up in land-fill after one season”.

This approach probably explains why there is relatively little information on sustainability issues available on their website.

  • energy consumption & carbon dioxide emissions
  • distance travelled/ place(s) of production
  • waste generated
  • water consumption
  • working conditions

No information available

  • other environmental claims or benefits

It does not appear that Snowgum supports community conservation or other activist initiatives.

  • details on who stocks the item/ where to find it/ where to get further information

Store locator

snow gums, Mt Wills, VIC


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