Mammut clothing

Mammut, who are distributed in Australia via Mountain Designs have a range of organic cotton t shirts, sleeping bag liners, hoodies and other items of clothing. The shirts use an organic cotton which is called bioRe®. Generally the company comes up well in terms of working to reduce its overall ecological footprint and ensuring good working conditions in their facilities.

About the product

The cotton is grown in India and partner Remei AG’s has a chain of production in which organic cotton is processed into textiles subject to social and ecological guidelines.

From the producer: “Together, Mammut and Remei AG have developed a new product line made of bioRe® cotton – organic and of high quality. The range was broadened for spring/summer 2010”.

For details on the approach to organics and work practises, check here and here.

Not all Mammut clothing uses the organic cotton. If you want to check, search the Mammut website for bioRe® cotton and see what comes up, and then see what is available in local stores.

Mammut’s general approach to sustainability

“Our aim is to offer the very best alpine products, assume our social responsibility, including social responsibility towards our partners, and leave behind the best possible ecological footprint. So that future generations can be mountaineers as well”.

In terms of the specifics of their approach to ecological sustainability, check here.

working conditions

Mammut gear is made in a variety of places:

“The Mammut Sports Group produces in Switzerland where this is economically viable. This includes all Mammut climbing ropes, slings and webbing, the PULSE Barryvox® avalanche transceiver, most of the Toko range and small series of specialist alpine boots. As a result of economic development, it is only possible to produce niche products from the textiles and footwear sector in Switzerland.

The country of production is stitched clearly on each product in large letters and there is no Swiss cross or the name “Switzerland” on the product. We also place great emphasis on maintaining high social and ecological standards in the factories that produce for us”.

Details here.

For general info on their approach to corporate responsibility, check here.

“Our social commitment towards our producers and employees does not stop with the signature of the Mammut code of conduct: our purchasing teams, developers and management make regular on-site inspections. The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which Mammut joined on 1 October 2008, checks the implementation of the labour standards and the effectiveness of our internal measures.

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a so-called “multi-stakeholder initiative” and is supported by corporate and textile associations, trade unions and non-governmental associations. The FWF aims to improve working conditions in the textile industry in low wage countries”.

Details here.


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