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Making a more sustainable wetsuit

An update from Patagonia about their attempts to make a more sustainable wetsuit: “Surfers have been relying on neoprene for more than 60 years, but it’s a nonrenewable material with an energy-intensive manufacturing process. In 2008, we started experimenting with … Continue reading

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Recycled down

This is an interesting development from Patagonia – recycled down being used in garments. This is part of their re-collection, which also includes products made from recycled wool and polyester. Patagonia says: “The cornerstone of the collection, Patagonia Recycled Down … Continue reading

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Patagonia Uses Reclaimed Cotton, Down and Wool for “Truth to Materials” Collection

Patagonia gets featured on this site on a regular basis. This is simply because there are a lot of sustainability initiatives happening within the company. The following is lifted directly from the Selectism website and was written by Jeff Carvalho. … Continue reading

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Patagonia’s ‘responsible economy’ campaign

The following interview and article comes from Joel  Makower of GreenBiz and addresses the Patagonia ‘Responsible Economy campaign’. The clothing and gear company Patagonia continues to challenge us to rethink our relationship with stuff. Two years ago, the company launched … Continue reading

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giving old gear a new life

For further information, check the Patagonia facebook page.  

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Patagonia recycling program now available in Australia

From Patagonia: “We accept all Patagonia products for recycling, and the process is easy. While we encourage you to find a new home for any garments or items that are still useable, any Patagonia product that has reached the end … Continue reading

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Patagonia opens second store in Australia

Patagonia is one of the highest rated companies profiled on this site. Their profile and assessment is available here. There has been one store opened previously in Australia – in Torquay, on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Now a second store has … Continue reading

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