‘eco’ sunglasses

on The Bluff, VIC

Sunglasses seem to be one of the out door items that are starting to go ‘green’. Some of it is pure green wash – for instance, the use of bamboo insets where the company logo goes with not much change to how the rest of the glasses are made. But some rely on recycled materials for the actual sunglass frames or use materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Be aware that most of these companies have an ‘eco line’ rather than having mainstreamed ecological practises into all their products so make sure you’re actually getting the ‘eco’ version if thats what you’re looking for.

Here’s one of the recent ones that I have seen advertised.

Revo Re-Use glasses

Revo has an ‘eco collection’. Revo is available via a number of stores in Australia – find them via the ‘store finder‘ on their website.

According to their website, the two key benefits of the Eco Collection are:

The Eco-Use Feature: based on sustainable performance.

“Eco-Use is a nylon frame material made from the seed of the castor bean plant instead of widely used petroleum-based nylons. Not only is this material sustainable and more environmentally friendly, it is also exceptionally light and flexible. It’s the perfect complement to the superior optical performance of our Revo Polarcast™ lenses”.

Re-Use feature

“Revo Re-Use is a frame material made from 100% recycled pre-consumer polymer resins. But this isn’t any kind of plastic – it’s top-grade recycled TR-90 nylon that offers the same quality and performance characteristics of frames made from un-recycled material. We think of it as a simple step in reusing something that would otherwise be disposed of, and that goes a long way”.

Other benefits or claims of the company:

“Revo continues to partner with adventure-based philanthropists Jimmy Chin and Alexandra Cousteau and most recently paired up with Australlian surfer Wayne Lynch”.

There is no information that I have seen about working conditions in production facilities, so I assume this is not a priority of the company.

Info on the Eco line here.


About Cam Walker

I work with Friends of the Earth, and live in Castlemaine in Central Victoria, Australia. Activist, dad to Tali & Mia, mountain enthusiast, climber & would be telemark skier.
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2 Responses to ‘eco’ sunglasses

  1. You have a great site. I can tell your passionate about the environment and promoting products that are really green. There are a lot of companies that promote their products as green but are are not.

  2. Going green is the buzzword but it may well save our planet. Every little bit counts so its never tiny its huge when compared to the effect it has on this planet. To green Earth

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