Atomic Renu

The Renu Atomic is the first Atomic ski boot made of recycled raw materials.

Environmental credentials

Atomic Renu

From the company:

“ATOMIC’s most ambitious project for reducing CO2, the Renu has been recognised for its eco-friendliness: the ski boot, manufactured almost entirely without the use of fossil raw materials, has received the Eco Responsibility Award from ispo, the International Trade Fair for Sports Equipment and Fashion. The Renu, the first regenerative ski boot, is made of PEBAX organic thermoplastic elastomer, bamboo fibre, cork and cotton and is 100% recyclable. It is also uncompromising in terms of the kind of performance consumers have come to expect from an ATOMIC product: ATOMIC has managed to produce an environmentally-friendly product which delivers the same level of performance as comparable models – in fact, the boot is even 430g lighter. Two different models are available as in the 2009/10 season”.

The company says this is part of a deeper program to reduce their carbon footprint, with a low emissions ski due for release for the next Northern winter. Their White Winters program seeks to “Make sure winter stays white: combating climate change with environmentally-friendly ATOMIC innovations”.

A note on their production facilities:

“Less spectacular but no less effective are the measures used at the Altenmarkt plant to reduce CO2: the use of a wood chip heating system reduces annual fuel oil consumption by 950,000 litres while cutting CO2 emissions by an estimated 4 million kilograms per year. The plant also places a premium on the efficient use of the water used in the production process: all grinding residue is filtered out and recycled. The entire plant is powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. And recycling is mandatory at all of the production facilities: 15 different types of waste are collected separately and recycled”.

Working conditions

As I understand it, Atomic still make all their skis at their facility in Altenmarkt, south east of Salzburg in Austria. No details on working conditions.

One reviewer noted that while it is “very light, narrow race fit, (it is) a bit flimsy” so you may need to make sure it is rigid enough for your skiing needs.

Atomic equipment is widely available in Australia.

Thanks to Footpro for spotting this one.


About Cam Walker

I work with Friends of the Earth, and live in Castlemaine in Central Victoria, Australia. Activist, dad to Tali & Mia, mountain enthusiast, climber & would be telemark skier.
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