Keeping it local… Australian made bike gear

Tali, Kalimna Road, Castlemaine, VIC

I was just starting to hunt around for Australian made bike gear, and discovered that Human Powered Cycles in Melbourne have already pulled it together.

As they say in the introduction: “Ok so we know the benefits of local stuff… minimising transport requirements reduces emissions. And warranties are much easier. The products are better supported and with lots of these businesses we can give feedback on what we like and what doesn’t work. They will sometimes be able to incorporate this feedback into future designs and manufacturing runs. Anyway, local gear is good and we’re supporting it!”

You can find their listing here.


About Cam Walker

I work with Friends of the Earth, and live in Castlemaine in Central Victoria, Australia. Activist, dad to Tali & Mia, mountain enthusiast, climber & would be telemark skier.
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One Response to Keeping it local… Australian made bike gear

  1. Brett watson says:

    I would love to see just how Äustralian Made”their products are?

    The terms “Australian Made” and “Australian Owned” do not reveal the actual level of Australian inputs and are in fact, quite Un-Australian in their usage requirements. To remedy this problem a new “Australian Authenticity Logo” has been unveiled. Visit to see what is behind the labels and logos such as Australian Made.

    Oz Compliance makes a qualified statement as to the Australian level of inputs for Content, Ownership, Manufacture and its Packed Status. Truth in labelling has a name and it is Oz COMPliance.

    Consumers have the right to know where their Food and Goods come from. Without Oz Compliance they cannot make an informed choice, regardless if it is a health choice, a cost choice, a patriotic choice or one of principle.

    OzCOMPliance is the answer to providing a reasonable basis upon which to compare any two items. It provides a means of comparison that gives a truthful impression which in itself, makes it unlike any other Country of Origin label (COOL) or similar “Trust Mark” that we are all familiar with

    By looking for the OzCOMPliance Logo, you can see for yourself just how much of any item is actually Australian by the stated percentage scores for Content, Owned, Made and Packed.

    Truth, however disenchanting is better than falsehood, however comforting. -Schweitzer

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