trekking poles

Exped make a range of trekking poles which are billed as being ‘ecological’ because they are anodised without the use of nitric and phosphoric acids.

I’m not so sure about this one, because of the energy intensity of making the aluminium that actually goes into the poles. To be convinced something was ‘ecological’ I would want to see a bit more information about the manufacturing process. While any attempt to reduce overall environmental impact of a product is welcome, this broad claim of being ‘ecological’ seems a little close to green-wash for my liking.

No information available about working conditions.

[Explorer SA model shown in image]

Available from a range of outlets across Australia.


About Cam Walker

I work with Friends of the Earth, and live in Castlemaine in Central Victoria, Australia. Activist, dad to Tali & Mia, mountain enthusiast, climber & would be telemark skier.
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