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[February 10, 2010]

The outdoor industry can be just as bad as any other – encouraging high consumption, fly anywhere lifestyles. And gear – outdoor equipment – is largely as unsustainable and exploitative as any other manufacturing sector, based on out sourcing, sweat shops, long distance movement of items, and both planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption.

But there is another side to this story – a growing number of outdoor equipment companies are seeking to shift their production to be more sustainable in terms of the ecological impact, and fairer in terms of the conditions of the workers who actually make the gear.

Having watched a growing number of outdoor companies striving to be more sustainable (and transparent in how they report on these attempts) I have started this site to explore and acknowledge those who are trying to be more sustainable and ethical in what they do.

It is a project being squeezed in amongst many others, so may take some time to really get going. Please feel free to join this project and send ideas, reviews and links for inclusion.

Equally, if you feel I have been unfair or incorrect in my assessment of a product, please get in touch and I will attempt to work it out as soon as possible.

Most of the current info is listed under specific companies.

regards, Cam


About Cam Walker

I work with Friends of the Earth, and live in Castlemaine in Central Victoria, Australia. Activist, dad to Tali & Mia, mountain enthusiast, climber & would be telemark skier.
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